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Material we use:

*AL-Clad 2024-T3*

This is the purest 2024 commercial grade aluminum
cladded in 1100 AL.

All of our panels are compliant to:
ASTM Standard
(D-2651 and D-1008).

Every material order we place,
comes with a *certificate of analysis*
from the manufacturer
to ensure that our customers get only the very best.

What types of panels do you produce? 

Lap Shear and T-Peel Panels
with multiple coating options.

Lap And T-Peel-02

What are some applications
for your Lap Shear and *T*-Peel Panels?
The application for these panels relates to
adhesives used for Aerospace, Electronics,
Semi-conductor, and Residential purposes.

Can I order in bulk?

Yes! Blanket purchase orders can be designed around your established monthly usage patterns.

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Do you consider daily usage in your packaging?

Yes! Our daily usage packaging is based on your average daily usage.

Do the panels have a guaranteed shelf life?

Yes! Our panels are vacuum sealed to ensure a shelf-life of 30-days when stored per our instructions.

Do we give a guarantee
of no progression in oxidation?

within 30-days of etching
(or we send you another batch on us.)

Am I able to track my panels for testing?
Yes! Each batch is traceable.

Can my batch have a fresh etch bath?
Yes! Dedicated etch baths are an option pending the
volume/frequency of your purchase orders.

This may result in an additional cost.

Do you give price volume discounts?

Does APEX recycle used test panels?

We offer a recycling, buyback program for our panels.

Do we have a *REWARDS PROGRAM*
for frequent customers?
Yes!   More on this in the near future!

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Why should I out-source my etched test panels
rather than make them in-house? 

We provide an Eco-friendly product
that creates a safer work environment
for your employees
you’ll reduce testing time and cost.

What will using our Test Panels do?

 Eliminate Chemical Etching Cost

Eliminate Material Waste

 Eliminate Chemical Permit Cost

 No Need for Chemical Technicians

 Eliminate Toxic Chemical Exposure

 Safer Work Environment

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